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    By Ulrika Bolinder

Who am I?

I’m Ulrika Bolinder, the founder and creative designer of Bolinder Stockholm, leather bags for everyday elegance.

To see the elegance in life is my mission, whether it’s how we dress, how we talk or how we behave in general. Getting everyday elegance in life is a matter of rising to the occasion. Every day.

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Back in New York

Finally, back in New York, my favorite spot to charge my batteries.

Our first half year with Monty.

We’ve been dog owners for six months and it’s strange to imagine how life was before he entered.
It’s a joy far bigger than my expectations.

I´m old fashioned in many ways.


Loving traditions is one of them.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved traditions, and Christmas is the biggest one. Due to the current situation, I'll use the tradition as a shield this year. 

Let´s cuddle ourselves out of this mess


We have a new family member
- Monty, named after the American actor, Montgomery Clift, a mix between Maltese and Coton de tolear.

Norrviken park in Båstad


I’ve been in love with the Bjäre area for many years. It’s a lovely piece of Sweden with a hilly landscape and a fertile agricultural land. This is where the first potatoes and strawberries of the season in Sweden grow.

My way of dealing with life from home in these special times.


My way of dealing with life in these special times is keeping up the routines. Starting the day like always- a good breakfast, make the bed, take my shower and get dressed.

My love of New York


I believe my love for New York starts earlier than I understand myself. Let me explain. My parents and I moved there because my mother signed a contract with the first so-called model mother, Eileen Ford, Ford Models Agency.

6 reasons why I love the Cherry Blossom


Who doesn’t around the rose-scented breeze of spring that invigorates the senses and cleanses the mind free of all toxic thoughts and energies?

The Morning Routine with Elegance


It is during the morning routine I love to plan for the day in many ways. The key to elegance is to plan for enough but not too many activities. 

The impressions from the time of Axel Munthe


San Michele is the villa in Capri, built by the Swedish doctor, Axel Munthe, around 1890.

My Wardrobe


Since I live in Sweden with lots of weathers, it means lots of clothes to match the daily forecast.

Role models and why we need them in our strive for elegance


We should always strive to be our best. That considers some thought. First, what would be my best me? When do I like myself?

The Elegance of Positano makes me fall in love. Again.


I have always been in love with Italy. But not until recently I had the chance to visit Positano. 

Clearness of Focus in the game of tennis


For many years I watched my husband take the car Sunday evening for his weekly match in tennis at his local tennis club.

The elegance of taking one task at the time


A path for elegance is having a flow in life that moves you in a seamlessly effortless way forward.

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