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The Elegance in Language Creates Elegance in life

The elegance in language creates an elegance in life

Ulrika Bolinder outside Hayes, Mansion, California

Elegance is a set of many things. 

When you dress elegant and with style in the morning you have created a great foundation for a day in your elegant life. Style and beauty. Makeup and hair. You have a task list and have executed your morning routine and are ready for the day and the possibilities it has for you.

Ready to conquer the World! Yes: it’s my philosophy of a life surrounding my everyday elegance. But just as you can spill coffee on your new dress and the day can be interrupted with unexpected negative events. We can all work on what we can avoid creating negativity and energy drains.

Language is something that you can Control. Your language. Your language is a result of your thoughts. Your thoughts are based on your attitudes and values.

Ready for play at my court in Båstad, Sweden

Language is so much more than just the number of Words.

So language is a result of many things. Language needs to be elegant in order for your life to be elegant. You are what you think. You do what you think and you act upon the set of values you have.

And when things don’t work as good as they could; the values can be adjusted. The values that are adjusted to the better leads to better routines, better outcomes and a better more elegant life. It is a winning spiral.

So the need for rebuilding better values (if they need to), reorganize the set of cultural inheritance that was a part of the system software that came from your upbringing.

Your language needs to be elegant. In order to live an elegant life. The first thing to clean like coffee stains on a dress is profanity. Profane words are basically only in order when you hit yourself on the thumb with a hammer. When you see famous actors being interviewed on television and they use swear words like a teenager I instantly react as they spilled coffee all over their clothes. It’s just a big NoNo.

Elegant language is an attitude toward your surroundings in society.

The view from the Court in Hotel Positano was amazing !

The elegance in style and in language is part of the same thing.

But elegant language is an attitude toward your surroundings in society. It’s being nice to people. To smooth the description and round your critique into words that will stand the test of time. Elegance in the language is about using fewer adjectives and polarized words. It’s about being diplomatic when you are angry and under stress. It’s about making it possible to solve the crisis by not burning unnecessary bridges. It’s about elegance in life. It’s about style. It is the core of you that Pour out of your mouth. Or in your writing. If you intend to live an elegant life; you need to use your language in an elegant way. And the path to so requires a guideline to the right path of thinking.

You see what you think. You think what you are. The road to elegance is filtered by your language.

The Clearness of Focus in the Game of tennis

Clearness of Focus in the game of tennis

Play tennis. You are never too old

Ulrika Bolinder outside Hayes, Mansion, California

Ulrika Bolinder outside Hayes, Mansion, California

For many years I watched my husband take the car Sunday evening for his weekly match in tennis at his local tennis club. No matter if he won or lost he arrived home with a smile on his face. Refreshed. In spirit and in mind.

When our oldest son grew up I followed his tennis career on the court from the sidelines. He played from the age of six and up, all around in Sweden and for a few years at college in the USA.

I didn´t play tennis as a child but I´ve watched the game on TV, on the family sideline, and on the ATP tournament live in Båstad every summer. As a passive part of a family with all members loving the sport.
We even have our own  old tennis court 10 meters from the kitchen window at our summerhouse in Båstad.

Dinner Magenta

Ready for play at my court in Båstad, Sweden

Ready for play at my court in Båstad, Sweden

I always believed that tennis would be a sport for me but never took the time to practice. Until a few years ago. Suddenly the children are grown up and there is more time for me. For us.  The time came when the Project ”Upbringing children” had come to an end. Bird Nest Syndrome.

When that time comes in life I think you need to adjust your relationship and your life. I began to play tennis. For me and for us. Something we can do together. And we do! I got a tennis coach on a weekly base and then I play with my husband between two to four times a week. And more during summer. I love it! You can call me in the middle of the night and ask. Yes! It’s tough, difficult and so fun. The sheer joy of life. We take the rackets when we travel. We’ve played in the Maldives, high on the steep of Positano, in Harlem, NY and more. first time I met my tennis coach he asked what goals I have. To beat my husband in five years I said. Not there yet. But getting closer…

So I started a few years ago…

The view from the Court in Hotel Positano was amazing !

The view from the Court in Hotel Positano was amazing!

Around 50 years old. With a clear mission. I would beat my husband in five years.

The rules were simple. I would have a good trainer on my own. Teaching me the technics. And when I played with my husband We would never talk about technics. We would just play.

So I started my active Journey. And it was a refreshment I needed. The explosive game when everything has to come together in a fraction of a second to adjust the position, stans, swing, swing speed, bending, balance, forward-leaning, follow through and tactics by think of where to place the ball toon me by storm.

You can’t think of anything else when playing. It’s completely mind blowing.Its the focus of tennis that is the hidden secret of tennis. No matter occupied in during the Day with life, work. Love, children, fashion and elegance: When you play tennis your soul are in the focus of and elegance.

Because the more elegance you have ib the swing the better you play. As in golf:” if the swing looks good; it most likely is good”.

Play tennis. You are never too old. It just opens up magic moments.

Stretching at Court in Canareef Hotel, Maldives

Stretching at Court in Canareef Hotel, Maldives

Our court in Brevik, Lidingö in the morning is wonderful

Our court in Brevik, Lidingö in the morning is wonderful

Forbes Article

And do it because of health reason too. A Danish study showed that tennis is a sport that prolongs life with 10 years. The sport that was Nr 1 in this field. Health reasons and also the social aspect plays a vital part in this study. Elegance is to live a long life.  

Love- 40.

My wardrobe in the World of Elegance

My wardrobe in the World of Elegance

A wardrobe is a space made to store our clothes

Since I live in Sweden with lots of weathers, it means lots of clothes to match the daily forecast.

So I make changes in my wardrobe during the year. When the chills creeping in I sort out the light summer clothes and move the darker colors and the warmer garments. Doing this at least once every season keeps the wardrobe fresh. Since I live in a house I’m fortunate to have space on the highest floor to store season clothes. While changing I check what I have and haven’t used past year and give away for charity or leave to a shop that sells second hand. Clothes should be used. If not on me, on someone else.

Great inspiration when it comes to organize is the Swedish site Förvaringsdrottningen. I subscribe to her mail and I get inspired every time she sends her newsletter and I can warmly recommend her books.


To get a well organized wardrobe you need to know what your style is. Meaning what makes you feel both comfortable and good looking.

In my case it means pencil skirts, tees, leather jackets or light down jackets. Clothes I wear on everyday base and just change quality and colors depending of the season. Darker colors in winter, lighter in the summer.
It doesn’t mean I don’t have other clothes as well, it simply means less. Since I know what I like and feel good wearing I don’t spend a lot of time getting dressed.

If you know what you prefer then take action on it. So when you find the favorite trousers or cardigan – buy more than one. Better to have two or more of things you really love and then in different colors maybe. We really don’t change style that much on a longer perspective.

To add a twist to any look – put on a scarf! Easiest way of getting a clean and simple style to pop.
And don’t be afraid of colors in scarfs – be bold! Or wrap it nicely on the handle of your bag. Very chic.

Elegance is a set of tools. Having a well orginized wardrobe is one of them.

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