Norrviken park in Båstad

I’ve been in love with the Bjäre area for many years. It’s a lovely piece of Sweden with a hilly landscape and a fertile agricultural land. This is where the first potatoes and strawberries of the season in Sweden grow.

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Enjoy art in quarantine times.

In times of quarantine one has to enjoy art where it’s given. Like looking into the wonderful world of choreographer Alexander Ekman in The escapist on SVT play. He’s a master of using the full space at the Royal Opera and he uses the 36 dancers from the royal ballet in group as well as individually. Serious with humor.
A language of his own.

I used to love paper dolls as a girl

It started with the ones I got that my mother made when she was a girl. And she’s a really good cartoonist. Her paper dolls looked liked movie stars. And they have were dressed accordingly. So good looking! Then I got into the collecting period.I remember the winter holidays at my grandparents. Enjoying quiet afternoons in the sofa with magazines containing paper dolls to cut out. Mostly famous people like Abba members.The paper doll could be glued to a more solid paper for durability. Even mom was a paper doll in the sixties. Not as herself. I think she was a nurse.

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My Relationship with Piero Fornasetti

My relationship with Piero Fornasetti (1913 - 1988) starts with the small bowls my parents used for candy as well as nuts and olives when we had guests. Ever since I’ve been drawn to his world of letters, architecture, the black and white and the humour

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My Life as a Cheerleader

I’ve spent many hours as a cheerleader. Now don’t misunderstand, I don’t do acrobatic moves with Pom poms in a group. My group was usually not moving more than the hands clapping and the group where most parents but we were cheering for sure!I’ve been in several cheer parent groups. Soccer, tennis, horse shows, basketball, and swimming to name a few.

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The Elegance of Sporting

The joy of sweat. If I’ve done yoga, tennis, been running or any sporty activity it’s been a good day. If possible, I’ll do any of it on a daily base. Because it makes me feel so good. Because no matter what’s going on I’m letting it go the moment I start changing my clothes. It gives me the kick I need as well as the good sleep. I love to sweat. To use my body. My brain craves it. My survival kit definitely includes a tennis rack and a pair of sneakers.

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