Colors inspire me. In all different shapes. And the combination of colors can be so beautiful. 


New places, new surroundings True inspiration. Uplifting for the soul. 


People. Friends. Family. Gathering. Community. Wine. Laughter. We are not alone in the Universe while we live. We bond. We inspire each other. Let's thrive in life through the path of Elegance. 


The elegance of sporting

The joy of sweat. If I’ve done yoga, tennis, been running or any sporty activity it’s been a good day. If possible, I’ll do any of it on a daily base. Because it makes me feel so good. Because no matter what’s going on I’m letting it go the moment I start changing my clothes. It gives me the kick I need as well as the good sleep. I love to sweat. To use my body. My brain craves it. My survival kit definitely includes a tennis rack and a pair of sneakers.

Elegance to me is not an absence of sweat. As long as it is in the environment meant for exercise. The absence of exercise would make me so less elegant.

Role models and why we need them in our strive for elegance

We should always strive to be our best. That considers some thought. First, what would be my best me? When do I like myself? What and who makes me better? I like things moving and I don’t like reinventing any wheel so let’s go a fast track. Who do I like? Look up to? Get inspired by? Who makes me be my better version? And why? Do they have anything in common? Let’s use role models to help. Take bits and parts from people that you like and make your own role model board. I’ve have mine. I know why I prefer them to others. My role model mood board is a combo of people I know and I don’t. It’s a mix of friends, family members and famous people. I’ll list a few;

Jane Fonda. Such an inspiration.

Jane Fonda, for her story, her way of talking about everything from her lifelong problem with looks and beauty and her still very much everyday elegance. And being wit.

My grandmother, for being cool to hang out with on parties and dinners when I was in my late teens, since she always new everyone. And for her absolutely lovely horse laughter. She was also wit.

Madonna. Always in line with her time. Timeless elegance.

Madonna, because she did everything that men usually did before. Being tough and not apologizing for her choices. Being the master and Commander.

They have a few things in common. dont care to much about what people think, they walk their own path and they love life.

And life is the largest gift so let’s make the most of it!

My life as a cheerleader

I’ve spent many hours as a cheerleader. Now don’t misunderstand, I don’t do acrobatic moves with Pom poms in a group. My group was usually not moving more than the hands clapping and the group where most parents but we were cheering for sure!I’ve been in several cheer parent groups. Soccer, tennis, horse shows, basketball, and swimming to name a few.

And I loved it. Loved being part of my children’s everyday life, loved how that made me know their friends and the high with success as well as the low with loss. I treasured the time spent in our car to and from practice and matches. With an extended family of more kids in the car. Some trips where longer and somewhere short but they all made us be present and with nothing else to do than talk. About everything and anything. Nowhere to go.

Just being together in the car. On the move.

The elegance of taking one task at the time.

The elegance of taking one task at the time.

A path for elegance is having a flow in life that moves you in a seamlessly effortless way forward. Too much to do creates stress. Too little to do also creates stress. The perfect balance is hard to achieve. But is it really?

We all know when time seems to fly away and we are inside a project or a task or something we love in our minds. Time seemed not to exist at these moments. We are in the now. We are present. Like a child fascinated by something new, she has never seen or experienced before.

This moment of being in the present is elegance at its finest. We all have a long list of tasks to do. Our managers at work might demand things from you to be done. The family at home demands your attention. Your own set goals need to be handled. Love is caring; it needs nourishing with devotion. The basics of life can create stress. So many tasks.

The way to handle life with Elegance is to be in the now. And trust the process. If you take one task at the time it will work out. If the task is “Eat an elephant”; you simply divide it into elegant pieces. And take one task at the time. Large tasks need to be divided into minor tasks. And minor tasks need to have your full attention and focus while you are at it. All successful people have one thing in common. They are practicing discipline in execution. They simply are not allowing themselves to be distracted while they are at a task. They finish tasks. And move on to execute another. They also take decisions faster. 

“Self-disciplined begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do. Simply, self-discipline enables you to think first and act afterward.”

Napoleon Hill

And being into mindfulness with a task of something you never done before, absorbed by the presence like a child running in a meadow, and in full bloom of your creativity creating new things is the same as being fully focused on something you have done thousands of time before like bookkeeping, dishwashing or mowing the lawn.

It’s being focused on taking one task at the time. And finishing this task. The habit f taking one task at the time, being fully focused while commanding the task and take on the next task after that creates a flow of elegance in your life.

Bolinder Messenger Bag at breakfast at planning the day

Reading this article to the end wrap the task.  “Getting my daily inspiration”. I hope you understand my philosophy of the connection between planning, routines, tasks, execution, simplicity, and Elegance. It’s all fits together in my everyday elegance.