Living life through the prism of elegance is a life worth living.

Ulrika Bolinder

Who am I?

I’m Ulrika Bolinder, the founder, and creative designer of Bolinder Stockholm, leather bags for everyday elegance.

As a little girl, I was tucked to bed with my bags when other little girls and boys had teddy bears and dolls.
Bags have been my thing ever since!

The inspiration for my bags comes from NY in the sixties and the style of my mother, Monica Ekman, who worked as a model at Eileen Fords. That’s the reason why me and my father, Krister Ekman, also came to live in NY and how my love for the city began.

The significant square pattern is called Manhattan square from the pattern of the streets and avenues.
My love for the city remains.

On a personal matter, I’m a proud mother of three grown-up children. Two boys and one girl. I’m been married to their father for 31 years and consider my self happy and privileged. As long as we have health I think we have the possibility to make choices and if so, let’s focus on good ones.

To see the elegance in life is my mission, whether it’s how we dress, how we talk or how we behave in general. Getting everyday elegance in life is a matter of rising to the occasion. Every day.

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