My wardrobe in the World of Elegance

A wardrobe is a space made to store our clothes

Since I live in Sweden with lots of weathers, it means lots of clothes to match the daily forecast.

So I make changes in my wardrobe during the year. When the chills creeping in I sort out the light summer clothes and move the darker colors and the warmer garments. Doing this at least once every season keeps the wardrobe fresh. Since I live in a house I’m fortunate to have space on the highest floor to store season clothes. While changing I check what I have and haven’t used past year and give away for charity or leave to a shop that sells second hand. Clothes should be used. If not on me, on someone else.

Great inspiration when it comes to cleaning is the Swedish site Förvaringsdrottningen. I subscribe to her mail and I get inspired every time she sent her news email and I can recommend her book. On Netflix, I recommend the Japanese series Tidying up with Marie Kondo, with her home makeover episodes. In the first episode in season one: a family in California got a much better relationship after cleaning up in the wardrobe. 

Elegance is a set of tools. Wardrobe order is one of these tools. 

Explore my wardrobe

  • California Style

    Never leave home without your shades ready
  • Boat trip

    I love dresses
  • Spring time

    Out for a walk
  • Summer time

    At the beach
  • Many seasons. Many options.

    New York Style
  • Consert time

    Dress for Elegance

  • Ready for Everyday Elegance

    At the wall